… is the written transmission of a (usually) written or spoken text from a source language into a target language. The objective is that the translated text has the same effect on the target-language reader as the source text has on the source-language reader. A so-called literal (word-for-word) translation is therefore not meaningful in most cases. And this is also the reason why “full-text translation programs” cannot translate really well – they are, as a rule, only suitable for highly standardized text (e.g. weather forecasts).

I offer translations in the following language combinations:

Russian German
English German
Russian English


Since I am a court-sworn translator, I can certify translations in my language combinations. This is often necessary for translations of deeds or other documents intended for certain authorities. Where documents intended for foreign countries are involved, my certified translations can be legalized by the court if necessary and/or provided with an apostille (depending on the country of destination).


… is the (immediate), one-time oral transmission of a text presented (usually) orally, but also in writing, from a source language into a target language. Typical occasions are negotiations, trade fairs or exhibitions, company visits, etc.


This includes services such as proofreading, stylistic revision of texts or correction of galley proofs.
In addition, I can offer you project coordination in agreement with colleagues specializing in other languages and fields if necessary.


Many years of experience have led to me specializing in the following fields in particular:

- Company brochures
- Prospectuses
- Business reports
- Industrial analyses
- Insurance industry

- Contracts
- Terms and conditions
- Company articles and bylaws
- Legal documents