Anyone who wants to be successful must stand out from the crowd and offer something exceptional. This means that, conversely speaking, only extraordinarily good or exceptionally inexpensive services or products can succeed. I am convinced that quality pays off, especially in the field of linguistic services, and for this reason I do not want to be the cheapest, but rather the best. Because for me a good translation is not only a complete and correct rendering of the source text – when reading it one should not notice that it is a translation at all.

That is why I always adhere to the following principles:
  • Quality can be guaranteed only by quality control
  • Experience and well-founded knowledge are the basis for any good translation
  • Each client is unique
  • Every client should feel that they are in good hands with me and certain that they have made the best possible choice
For me this means reviewing every translation carefully before I deliver it to the client. This is the only way to ensure that the contents of the source text have been rendered correctly and completely in the target language. In a contract or a business report a very small mistake, such as transposed digits or a wrongly placed comma, may have serious consequences. Therefore I comply with EN 15038:2006 "Translation services - Service requirements" in my work, a standard developed as a means of quality assurance for translation processes which is available at the Beuth Verlag publishers.

I translate only in fields in which I am skilled and experienced. And, in the case of a translation into a foreign language I consult colleagues who are native speakers of the particular language involved, as I am well aware that even the best translator only has full linguistic competence and the correct instinct in his or her own native language. I can only judge the quality of my translations if I know what to write about and how – and each client who invests money in a translation should expect a first-class result. Moreover, the wishes and requirements of every single client are as different and individual as the clients themselves. What I demand of myself is to find the optimum solution for each client so that a partnership advanta-geous to both parties can develop.

Does this style of co-operation appeal to you? Then please read on – you will find detailed information about my services on this site. Or get in touch with me. I will be delighted to forward you a free, non-binding offer.